Your input needed to promote the canal restoration

The Shrewsbury Big Town Plan is open for consultation with the public and is an opportunity for you to put forward your ideas.  Their artist's impression of the Flaxmill does not show a restored canal and we need to get this included in the plan.  It is, after all, why the Flaxmill is there! 

Please go to the website and suggest a project:

The basics of SNCT's vision are:

Build a multi-storey car park on the site of the Royal Mail building, once Royal Mail move to Wolverhampton. Then restore the canal where the current Railway Station car park is outside the Buttermarket. This would blend in perfectly with the re-rolling of the DANA prison. A steam canal boat, or a horse drawn one to take people to and from the Railway Station could make a wonderful way for people to visit the town. 
Morris Lubricants could move to the Battlefield Industrial Estate, thereby getting HGVs out of town and making life easier for the company. The council could do a deal here to acquire their present premises for a spot out of town then develop the buildings for other canal side businesses. 
Restore the 2 hump back bridges in the Ditherington area outside the Flaxmill and the Coach pub. This would slow traffic down without causing damage to vehicle wheels and tyres, thereby saving the council money by reducing claims for this. 
Restore the section of canal outside the Flaxmill (which is why it was built there in the first place). 
The canal could then be connected from the Buttermarket to Pimley and create more canal side living, thereby raising property values by 15-20%. The vision needs to emulate the section of the BCN canal outside the NIA in Birmingham that has brought so much prosperity to the city. 
The "suggest a project" form is very short and will only take a few minutes to fill in.  Please do it before mid-October.


Posted by Sallie Lines Thursday, September 21, 2017 3:31:00 PM