We did not get our Round 1 re-bid grant from the HLF, so we are now going ahead with our “Plan B”.

We aim to restore Wappenshall Wharf in 3 separate phases.

1) restore the small Thomas Telford designed warehouse and install the café,

2) restore the Transhipment Warehouse and

3) complete the landscaping of the site.

This will enable us to be unrestricted by HLF requirements and so more maintenance work can continue on the small warehouse, where some preparatory work has already taken place.

We know that among our 1,400 members there are people with the qualifications, expertise and experience that can significantly assist us.

Our volunteers can do a lot of the work and they are keen to preserve this piece of Shropshire history.

The Trust has already raised substantial funds to enable this work to begin and will be pursuing other sources of funding so that each phase can be completed as funds become available.

Bernie Jones

Wednesday, April 04, 2018 11:23:00 AM