Have you got yours yet?

Your £1 donation is needed to help fund Wappenshall.

You can pick one up at a Trust event.

Alternatively we can offer mail order  Please email Ted Williams and he will let you know our bank details for you to make a direct transfer of your donation plus £1.00 for postage and packing.





A magnificent watercolour series of S&N Canal scenes, created by life member and local artist Alan Reade, is available to buy.

Members are encouraged to not only buy sets of these prints for their families and friends, but are also urged to print the flyer and to place copies in their local pubs, clubs, shops, doctor’s surgery waiting rooms and other public places, to get as much publicity for the Trust in general and the fund-raising Appeal for Wappenshall in particular. 

flyer for Alan Reade's watercolours

Click on the picture above to see the flyer and to find out how you can order copies of the prints.   Or click on the thumbnails below to see larger pictures:










Every year at the Norbury Festival, we have said we need something warm to wear that will promote the Trust. Quite a few of us have SNCT polo shirts (mid blue with yellow/gold logo) but these generally get covered up very quickly at outdoor events. SNCT Fleeces

So we are delighted with our good quality fleeces that are well finished with, for example, zip pockets, at a cost of just £22.00 each. The fleeces are dark blue with a yellow/gold logo.

SNCT Polo Shirt


The sizing for the fleeces is generous. In the picture Sam, at the front of the group (5'5") is wearing a "small" size and John, who is third from front (6'1") has a "large" size.







We have just added ‘T’ shirts and baseball caps to our range of SNCT branded clothing.

The ‘T’ shirts are royal blue, like our Polo Shirts, and show our SNCT logo. They will be available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes and are priced at £10 each.
The baseball caps are navy blue to match our fleeces and have the SNCT name (in full) embroidered onto them. One size fits all as they can be adjusted and, again, they are priced at £10 each.


We are now taking orders for another batch; when we have enough orders we will place the order with our supplier.

To order your items please click here for an order form which you can print out, fill in and post to Sam Myers with your cheque.  For queries please contact Sam by email.