Public Consultation

The proposed Newport Neighbourhood Development Plan is now available on line for public consultation and comments can be made until 16th June 2017.

To view the Plan please use this link:

This link takes you to a page with the words "You can view the Plan HERE" in the middle of it, and the word "HERE" is in red. Click on this and it takes you to the Plan. There are about 30 references to the canal and on pages 34 and 35 there is a section specifically about the canal. 

Comments on the plan are invited by email and the more comments they get supporting their plans for the canal, the more likely they are to be included in the final Plan. 

So please take a few minutes to email your support.

Alternatively you can download information about the plan and a form to print, fill in and send by post with your comments.  Please click here.

Thank you.


Friday, May 12, 2017 11:08:00 AM