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News cutting re Wolfson Foundation grant

From the Shropshire Star
Article about clearing the canal near Berwick Tunnel
SNCT features in Shropshire Magazine
Shropshire Magazine November 2017 edition

This is part of the article in this month's Shropshire Magazine.

Copies of the magazine are available now (£3.50) from newsagents and some supermarkets. 


Friday, November 03, 2017 3:17:00 PM
QAVS Presentation

This is the coverage from the Shropshire Magazine


From the Shropshire Star 14th June 2017

The photo in this article was actually taken at Forton but the article is more about Newport.

From The Courier, Thursday 23rd March 2017

This is a tribute to Mansell Williams who did a great deal to ensure the canals restoration, getting it included in both Shropshire Council's and Shrewsbury Town Council's plans.  He will be greatly missed.

Tribute to Mansell Williams

From the Shropshire Star 22 Nov 2016

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From the Shropshire Star 2 Nov 2016

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Article about Wappenshall - Shropshire Star 2/11/2016

From The Chronicle 3 Nov 2016

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Article in Chronicle 3 Nov 2016

In the Shropshire Star, 10/5/2016


Norbury Festival 2016

Ticket house Lock Cottage

Ruth and Terry Otter bought Ticket House Lock Cottage in 2013 and in the process of refurbishing it have made some interesting discoveries.  There is an article in the Shropshire Star with lots of photographs.  Go to their site to read the article.



From the Shropshire Star, Thursday 18th February 2016

Cutting from The Shrewsbury Chronicle, 11th February 2016


Cutting from The Shropshire Star, Tuesday 2nd February 2016

Cutting from The Chronicle, Tuesday 14th January 2016:

From the Shropshire Star, 5th October 2015

And from the  Newport Advertiser 8th October 2015

By Amy Downward

MORE than 20 volunteers spent their weekend helping the continuing effort to restore a disused section of canal - working by day and sleeping in a school gym at night.

A total of 22 people from the Waterway Recovery Group installed a lining at Meretown Lock in Newport, getting a section ready to hold water for the first time in more than half a century.

This work was organised by the Shrewsbury and Newport Canal Trust, which cares for Meretown Lock.

The volunteers stayed at Burton Borough School while using their expertise to help prepare the section of the canal to be brought back into use.

Bernie Jones, chairman of the Shrewsbury and Newport Canal Trust, said: "We're so grateful that the volunteers have come to help out.

"They are a fantastic group of people who come from all over the UK and we can't thank them enough.

"We have had 22 people to help this weekend. Some of those have come from places such as Devon, Manchester, London and Essex.

"They come and work for free and are so enthusiastic.

"While they are here they are staying at Burton Borough School's gymnasium so we also want to say a huge thank you to the school for helping out.

"The work here today is to put in a special geosynthetic clay liner into the canal after it has been re-profiled. We will then be able to start the process of re-watering the section." In January last year, work began to dig out a metre deep trench at Meretown Lock,

Pipes have also been laid which will bring water from the nearby Strine Brook into the 110 metre stretch, which was emptied after the canal was abandoned in 1944.The section is owned by Newport Town Council and will eventually link to the stretch of Newport Canal in the town centre.

The old lock will also be restored, according to the Shrewsbury & Newport Canals Trust.

The project is part of the trust's long-term aims to bring the old Shrewsbury and Newport canal back into use.


This from the IWAs Waterways, Winter 2015


And this from The Tillergraph, November 2015

An article by John Myers in "All About Newport" September 2015 about the Himalayan Balsam Bash in July