December 2017

The SNCT has been awarded a Telford @ 50 grant of £1,700 from Telford & Wrekin Council. This is for the design and creation of 4 or 5 free-standing and portable interpretation panels about the life and works of Thomas Telford and how this relates to the town named after him 50 years ago next year.

They will be unveiled at an event (possibly our AGM) with period actors who could play Telford and another character. The panels will then go on a roadshow at events celebrating the year with whoever would like to borrow them and are able to transport them between various venues.

ecology information board at Newport

This is Bernie Jones, Chairman of the SNCT, with the new information display board installed at Newport on 2nd December 2017.

The photo was taken by Tim Nelson, who is a Newport Town Councillor and a Telford and Wrekin Councillor. He is planning to arrange for the current Mayor of Newport (Cllr Lynn Fowler) to perform an "unveiling ceremony" and will make this the first small step on the road to his plan for improving the canal tow path, installing lock gates in Town Lock and getting the canal dredged. Funding has been provided for this from Newport town Council.

November 2017


We took our stand to the CRT Annual Showcase Event.  Richard Parry CEO of the CRT was impressed with what the SNCT has achieved and our stand was voted the Best in Show.
















Over the weekend 15/16/17th Sept the trust had a stand at Maesbury Marsh. Alistair Price and Chas Warren took their narrowboats to moor on site and compliment the trust gazebo which had a good position at the entrance. While attendance was lower than expected, the stand attracted a lot of interest and the sacks of fire logs which were offered for sale for the first time sold out. Chas Warren took along his coracle which attracted a lot of attention with a few people testing their skill. After clearing up the trust site and putting away the equipment members enjoyed a nice cup of tea in the evening sun which sadly had been in short supply most of the weekend.



This is a great pat on the back for all our wonderful volunteers and recognition of our achievements so far.


The presentation of the QAVS citation and crystal by Sir Algernon Heber-Percy, the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire took place at Wappenshall on 14th August 2017 followed by a barbeque for the members of the Trust.

Work party leaders receiving citation and crystal

the citation and crystal

The Lord Lieutentant visiting the transhipment building

Cindy Jones & Anne Jones








The photos were taken by Alan Harding

The Queen's Award Office has created a limited edition crystal gift available to purchase exclusively by winning volunteer and organisation members.

Once again the AGM was a great success thanks to the organisers and the volunteers who worked so hard to prepare the site and buildings.  The speakers were fascinating, the food was enjoyed by all who partook and the weather was kind.

The picture below shows from left to right: John Freeman (SNCT Trustee), Professor Timothy Peters (first guest speaker), Bernie Jones, (SNCT Chairman), Julian Glover (second guest speaker and author of "Man of Iron"), Mark Cuthbert-Brown (Lord Lieutenant's Office).

AGM 2017

The weekend of 21/22 January 2017 saw the London Waterway Recovery Group come to assist our band of SNCT volunteers at Sundorne once again.

WRGies at Shrewsbury Jan 2017

A great deal of work was done to improve the appearance of the section behind the Sports Village. Dead trees were removed from the water, intrusive brambles and branches were cut back along the towpath and the laid hedge on the river Severn side was cleared to let light in to regenerate its growth.

A “Meet and Greet” station was set up to offer passing members of the public a cup of tea and piece of cake. This went down well and some much-needed funds were generated and some possible new members recruited. Well done to all our members that turned out – and outnumbered the WRGies again!

Welcome tent for WRG visit Shrewsbury Jan 2017











Jennie & Tony Perks doing their "shift" on the Welcome Station. Note all the wonderful cakes that members supplied to go with tea and coffee for both workers and members of the public.

This was taken today 22 January and is of our valiant member Mike Jones who managed to help ex-Mayor Cllr Tim Nelson, make some progress with the restoration of our canals. This is Town Lock, Newport, that once again needed clearing of vegetation. However, this time some of the ugly gravel, in which the weeds get a hold, was also removed to enable the lock to look more like it did when it was in use. This is the first step in bigger plans to restore the appearance of the lock - in the near future!
Bernie Jones



Yesterday, 12th November 2016, saw 10 SNCT volunteers turn out for a work party at Blists Hill Victorian Town to work on the historic canal section there. Organised by member Ian Gaston and Trustee John Freeman (who is also a Trustee of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust) our members bashed scrub and felled some small trees to clear the dry bed of the canal at the top of the Inclined Plane. The scrub was all burned and the bed cleared in readiness for next weekend 19/20 November, when the WRG Forestry Team will be coming to a work party to fell many of the big trees that are impeding the restoration of this important piece of canal. SNCT members are welcome to join the WRGies on Sunday 20 November.


At last the Welfare Unit has been deployed today in readiness for the WRG Camp. Many thanks to Dave Cant, Simon Fox and others that have worked so hard on this. Also thanks to Trustee John Freeman for towing it from Wappenshall. 

Bernie Jones, 12/8/2016

Our Fundraising display board has been refurbished by David Cant and was re-erected outside the site at Wappenshall on 17th December 2016.  The picture shows the board with Phil Jones, Worparty Leader on the right and John and Sam Myers on the left.

Trustee John Freeman and wife Heather, plus Steve Heise and local man Sean O'Donovan, planted two Field Maples alongside the soon to be re-watered section of canal at Forton. These were to replace the self set sycamore tree that had to be removed earlier this year. 

Tree planting at Forton


Shropshire Star

Pride of Shropshire Awards 2016

Although, sadly, we did not win this award, here is Bernie Jones accepting our Finalist certificate at the Award Ceremony.

the stop gate being lifted out of the mud

David Crow, one of our Trustees, arrived at Wappenshall on Saturday afternoon, 20th August, with his Manitou and a driver and they, along with Phil Jones and David Cant, were able to move the Stop-Gate from its bed in the mud to near where it was originally located. It will be cleaned up, the wood treated and the ironwork painted.

the stop gate being lowered into position

photos by John Haynes

One Friday evening late in July the Shropshire Moth Group came to Wappenshall to survey the moth species that are on the site. SNCT members were invited to join them so Rog and I went along. They set up their five traps at dusk in various locations and waited for dark. The sunset was fabulous and the whole site very atmospheric as darkness fell.

Sunset at Wappenshall.  Photo: The Shropshire Moth Group

The traps were of different kinds but all had a bright light (from which we had to shield our eyes), a type of funnel, usually of perspex, which channelled the moths down into a box lined with egg trays which were there to allow the moths somewhere to settle. While we waited, two of the Shropshire Group had bat detectors and we hoped to see some bats but disappointingly only two largish but unidentified bats flew past and one pipestrelle was detected but not seen.

Moth trap at Wappenshall.  Photo: Shropshire Moth Group

A barn owl flew over and two tawny owls were heard having a conversation somewhere nearby.

As darkness fell the moths started to appear. At first there were only micro moths - so small it was difficult to distinguish their features without reading glasses. Then the larger moths started to arrive and they were beautiful with incredible shapes, colours and markings. Each moth was caught in a small, clear plastic bottle until it was identified and recorded and then released. Some females were kept until they had deposited some eggs which would then be photographed, recorded, kept until they hatched and the caterpillars, likewise photographed and recorded before being deposited on an appropriate food plant.

The largest we saw was a female poplar hawk moth with a body about 1¼" long (3.5cm) and a wing span of just over 3" (8cm) which crawled on to my finger to pose for its photograph.

Poplar Hawk Moth.  Photo: Shropshire Moth Group

The recordings from each trap are sent to Tony Jacques, who is the County Recorder and a complete list compiled. On this occasion 70 species were identified. Tony told me that many moths are becoming more scarce because we are too tidy in our gardens and countryside, mowing down plants we think of as weeds but which are vital food plants for different moths. As part of our avowed intent to encourage bio-diversity on the site, it might be worth considering leaving some margins of the site unmown for the benefit of the moths, the bats and birds that feed on them and the pollinating insects which also visit these plants.

The Shropshire Moth Group were a very friendly bunch and very willing to talk to us about the moths they caught and it was an extremely interesting evening.

All photographs courtesy of The Shropshire Moth Group.

Despite the weather the Norbury Canal Festival was another great success this year. Fully booked for boats and for stalls, there was plenty for everyone to see and do. We had swing boats and lots of food stalls - even a specialist dog food stall - as well as crafts, toys, a beer festival and fabulous live music in the marquee in the evening. Over 6000 people braved the rain and wind to enjoy the show.

This is the view from the bridge, looking North on Saturday morning showing the newly mown car park, lots of colourful boats and a lowering sky threatening the rain which soon started.

Photo: B Jones










Newport Mayor, Tim Nelson, meeting Mal Edwards MBE and hearing about Mal's traditional fender making skills.

Photo: B Jones













Here one of the boat traders is being interviewed by Chellebear of Windmill Radio from Stafford doing one of many interviews for the outside broadcast the radio station did all day on Saturday.

Photo: B Jones










Tim Nelson, and his Consort Lynn, judged our "Best Boat in Rally" and chose nb Dutiful Duck, owned by Mike and Mary Antcliff from Chirk. The prize was a pack of Morris Lubricants' special boat engine oil, worth £25 kindly donated by the company. Mike commented "A much more useful prize than a bottle of bubbly - thank you!"

It was rather fitting that Tim was the judge because his first official function as Mayor was our AGM last June and this was his last. He remains an avid supporter of the Trust and its endeavours. 

photo: B Jones

The sun shone, the wind blew, but the rain kept away. Bernie Jones and Derek Taylor manned the stand throughout and met some very interesting people and some potential new members.

12th January to 17th April 2016

The Shrewsbury & Newport Canal Exhibition at Shrewsbury Museum

This was an exhibition about the history of the Shrewsbury Canal and the work the Trust is doing and the progress we are making towards the restoration.




The exhibition opened on 12th January 2016.  Here is a link to the Shropshire Star Report on the event and below are pictures and further information.

SNCT Exhibition at Shrewsbury MuseumSNCT & Jusfashow Shrewsbury Museum

First picture: The Mayor of Shrewsbury, Miles Kenny with his partner and SNCT members

Second picture: Viv and Trev Rozario, Anne & Bernie Jones dressed in genuine Victorian costumes supplied by the Costumiers at Ironbridge Gorge Museum in front of "Jusfashow" - the first narrowboat to reach Shrewsbury since the 1930s.

SNCT exhibition at Shrewsbury Museum

3rd Picture: Anne & Bernie Jones talking to the Mayor of Shrewsbury, Trev Rosario in the foreground

4th Picture: Jusfashow outside the Museum with some of the SNCT volunteers who have made this wonderful exhibition possible.

Trust Members & Wappenshall project poster

Viv Rozario, Margaret Cann, Anne Jones

12th January to 17th April 2016

The Shrewsbury & Newport Canal Exhibition at Shrewsbury Museum

This was an exhibition about the history of the Shrewsbury Canal and the work the Trust is doing and the progress we are making towards the restoration.

The exhibition is included in the general admission price to the Museum & Art Gallery. Adult £4, senior £3.50, student £3.60, child £2, family £10. - See more at:

Talks which took place at the exhibition

Saturday 6th February 2016, 2.30pm

The canals of East Shropshire

Speaker: Neil Clarke

Saturday 19th March 2016, 2.30pm

The restoration of the fly boat ‘Saturn’

Speaker:Tony Lewery

Saturday 9th April 2016, 2.30pm

The Shrewsbury & Newport Canals and their restoration

Speaker: Bernie Jones


3rd April 2016
An early start this morning, to avoid holding up the traffic, saw members Terry & Ruth Otter and Steve Heise, going up in the world courtesy of Trustee John Freeman and his Cherry-Picker, to put the Newport street banner up. This advertises the forthcoming Norbury Canal Festival on 30 April to 2 May. [Picture by Bernie Jones] 

Despite the rain Dave Cant, Phil Jones and Ruth & Terry Otter turned out and did a great job at the Newport Work Party at Tickethouse Lock on 2nd April. 

The photos (by Terry Otter)  show Phil clearing the grass from the capping stones, the four volunteers, and the base of the lock keeper’s shed emerging from the nettles and brambles.