The WRGs visit to Shrewsbury January 2017

Newport Town Lock January 2017

WRGs at Blist Hill November 2016

Welfare Unit now up and Running August 2016

Tree Planting at Forton Dec 2016

The Stop Gate is moved out of the mud August 2016

Nightlife at Wappenshall July 2016

Norbury Festival 2016

SNCT at Shrewsbury Museum January to April 2016

Norbury Festival banner in Newport April 2016

Newport Work Party April 2016

Lesley Owen Way 5 December 2015

Clearing the Guillotine Locks at Hadley Nov 2015

Obituary - Fred Cooper October 2015

WRGs make more progress at Forton Oct 2015

An evening with Queen Elizabeth I, October 2015

Wappenshall Open Day September 2015

Newport Work Party September 2015

Norbury Canal Festival 2015

WRGs Visit August 2015

Ticket House Lock Garden Event August 2015

Obituary - Eric Cox July 2015

WRGs "Recce" visit July 2015

Dinghy Dawdle & Litter Pick June 2015

SNCT wins Gold Award, April 2015

Shropshire Star Cash for your Community Result 2015

New Information Board Erected at Shrewsbury

Canal Clearing at Newport (video clip)

Reid Jamieson Night at the Junction Inn, November 2014

The Wappenshall Work Party, November 2014

The Wappenshall Work Party, October 2014

The Late Summer Sale at Wappenshall, September 2014

The Whitchurch Boat Rally, September 2014

IWA Lock Wind at Hurleston Bottom Lock, August 2014

WRG Week at Newport August 2014

2014 Shows

The WRGs visit to Shrewsbury January 2017


The weekend of 21/22 January 2017 saw the London Waterway Recovery Group come to assist our band of SNCT volunteers at Sundorne once again.

WRGies at Shrewsbury Jan 2017

A great deal of work was done to improve the appearance of the section behind the Sports Village. Dead trees were removed from the water, intrusive brambles and branches were cut back along the towpath and the laid hedge on the river Severn side was cleared to let light in to regenerate its growth.

A “Meet and Greet” station was set up to offer passing members of the public a cup of tea and piece of cake. This went down well and some much-needed funds were generated and some possible new members recruited. Well done to all our members that turned out – and outnumbered the WRGies again!

Welcome tent for WRG visit Shrewsbury Jan 2017











Jennie & Tony Perks doing their "shift" on the Welcome Station. Note all the wonderful cakes that members supplied to go with tea and coffee for both workers and members of the public.


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Newport Town Lock January 2017

Newport Town Lock January 2017This was taken today 22 January and is of our valiant member Mike Jones who managed to help ex-Mayor Cllr Tim Nelson, make some progress with the restoration of our canals. This is Town Lock, Newport, that once again needed clearing of vegetation. However, this time some of the ugly gravel, in which the weeds get a hold, was also removed to enable the lock to look more like it did when it was in use. This is the first step in bigger plans to restore the appearance of the lock - in the near future!
Bernie Jones















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The WRGs at Blists Hill  November 2016



Yesterday, 12th November 2016, saw 10 SNCT volunteers turn out for a work party at Blists Hill Victorian Town to work on the historic canal section there. Organised by member Ian Gaston and Trustee John Freeman (who is also a Trustee of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust) our members bashed scrub and felled some small trees to clear the dry bed of the canal at the top of the Inclined Plane. The scrub was all burned and the bed cleared in readiness for next weekend 19/20 November, when the WRG Forestry Team will be coming to a work party to fell many of the big trees that are impeding the restoration of this important piece of canal. SNCT members are welcome to join the WRGies on Sunday 20 November.


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Welfare Unit now up and running - August 2016

At last the Welfare Unit has been deployed today in readiness for the WRG Camp. Many thanks to Dave Cant, Simon Fox and others that have worked so hard on this. Also thanks to Trustee John Freeman for towing it from Wappenshall. 

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Tree Planting at Forton December 2016


Trustee John Freeman and wife Heather, plus Steve Heise and local man Sean O'Donovan, planted two Field Maples alongside the soon to be re-watered section of canal at Forton. These were to replace the self set sycamore tree that had to be removed earlier this year. 

Tree planting at Forton

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The Stop Gate is moved out of the mud - August 2016

the stop gate being lifted out of the mud

David Crow, one of our Trustees, arrived at Wappenshall on Saturday afternoon, 20th August, with his Manitou and a driver and they, along with Phil Jones and David Cant, were able to move the Stop-Gate from its bed in the mud to near where it was originally located. It will be cleaned up, the wood treated and the ironwork painted.

the stop gate being lowered into position

photos by John Haynes

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Nightlife at Wappenshall

July 2016


One Friday evening late in July the Shropshire Moth Group came to Wappenshall to survey the moth species that are on the site. SNCT members were invited to join them so Rog and I went along. They set up their five traps at dusk in various locations and waited for dark. The sunset was fabulous and the whole site very atmospheric as darkness fell.

Sunset at Wappenshall.  Photo: The Shropshire Moth Group

The traps were of different kinds but all had a bright light (from which we had to shield our eyes), a type of funnel, usually of perspex, which channelled the moths down into a box lined with egg trays which were there to allow the moths somewhere to settle. While we waited, two of the Shropshire Group had bat detectors and we hoped to see some bats but disappointingly only two largish but unidentified bats flew past and one pipestrelle was detected but not seen.

Moth trap at Wappenshall.  Photo: Shropshire Moth Group

A barn owl flew over and two tawny owls were heard having a conversation somewhere nearby.

As darkness fell the moths started to appear. At first there were only micro moths - so small it was difficult to distinguish their features without reading glasses. Then the larger moths started to arrive and they were beautiful with incredible shapes, colours and markings. Each moth was caught in a small, clear plastic bottle until it was identified and recorded and then released. Some females were kept until they had deposited some eggs which would then be photographed, recorded, kept until they hatched and the caterpillars, likewise photographed and recorded before being deposited on an appropriate food plant.

The largest we saw was a female poplar hawk moth with a body about 1¼" long (3.5cm) and a wing span of just over 3" (8cm) which crawled on to my finger to pose for its photograph.

Poplar Hawk Moth.  Photo: Shropshire Moth Group

The recordings from each trap are sent to Tony Jacques, who is the County Recorder and a complete list compiled. On this occasion 70 species were identified. Tony told me that many moths are becoming more scarce because we are too tidy in our gardens and countryside, mowing down plants we think of as weeds but which are vital food plants for different moths. As part of our avowed intent to encourage bio-diversity on the site, it might be worth considering leaving some margins of the site unmown for the benefit of the moths, the bats and birds that feed on them and the pollinating insects which also visit these plants.

The Shropshire Moth Group were a very friendly bunch and very willing to talk to us about the moths they caught and it was an extremely interesting evening.

All photographs courtesy of The Shropshire Moth Group.

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Norbury Canal Festival May 2016

Despite the weather the Norbury Canal Festival was another great success this year. Fully booked for boats and for stalls, there was plenty for everyone to see and do. We had swing boats and lots of food stalls - even a specialist dog food stall - as well as crafts, toys, a beer festival and fabulous live music in the marquee in the evening. Over 6000 people braved the rain and wind to enjoy the show.

This is the view from the bridge, looking North on Saturday morning showing the newly mown car park, lots of colourful boats and a lowering sky threatening the rain which soon started.

Photo: B Jones










Newport Mayor, Tim Nelson, meeting Mal Edwards MBE and hearing about Mal's traditional fender making skills.

Photo: B Jones













Here one of the boat traders is being interviewed by Chellebear of Windmill Radio from Stafford doing one of many interviews for the outside broadcast the radio station did all day on Saturday.

Photo: B Jones










Tim Nelson, and his Consort Lynn, judged our "Best Boat in Rally" and chose nb Dutiful Duck, owned by Mike and Mary Antcliff from Chirk. The prize was a pack of Morris Lubricants' special boat engine oil, worth £25 kindly donated by the company. Mike commented "A much more useful prize than a bottle of bubbly - thank you!"

It was rather fitting that Tim was the judge because his first official function as Mayor was our AGM last June and this was his last. He remains an avid supporter of the Trust and its endeavours. 

photo: B Jones

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The Shrewsbury & Newport Canal Exhibition at Shrewsbury Museum

12th January to 17th April 2016

This was an exhibition about the history of the Shrewsbury Canal and the work the Trust is doing and the progress we are making towards the restoration.



The exhibition opened on 12th January 2016.  Here is a link to the Shropshire Star Report on the event and below are pictures and further information.

SNCT Exhibition at Shrewsbury MuseumSNCT & Jusfashow Shrewsbury Museum

First picture: The Mayor of Shrewsbury, Miles Kenny with his partner and SNCT members

Second picture: Viv and Trev Rozario, Anne & Bernie Jones dressed in genuine Victorian costumes supplied by the Costumiers at Ironbridge Gorge Museum in front of "Jusfashow" - the first narrowboat to reach Shrewsbury since the 1930s.

SNCT exhibition at Shrewsbury Museum

3rd Picture: Anne & Bernie Jones talking to the Mayor of Shrewsbury, Trev Rosario in the foreground

4th Picture: Jusfashow outside the Museum with some of the SNCT volunteers who have made this wonderful exhibition possible.

Trust Members & Wappenshall project poster

Viv Rozario, Margaret Cann, Anne Jones

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12th January to 17th April 2016

The Shrewsbury & Newport Canal Exhibition at Shrewsbury Museum

This was an exhibition about the history of the Shrewsbury Canal and the work the Trust is doing and the progress we are making towards the restoration.

The exhibition is included in the general admission price to the Museum & Art Gallery. Adult £4, senior £3.50, student £3.60, child £2, family £10. - See more at:

Talks which took place at the exhibition

Saturday 6th February 2016, 2.30pm

The canals of East Shropshire

Speaker: Neil Clarke

Saturday 19th March 2016, 2.30pm

The restoration of the fly boat ‘Saturn’

Speaker:Tony Lewery

Saturday 9th April 2016, 2.30pm

The Shrewsbury & Newport Canals and their restoration

Speaker: Bernie Jones

Norbury Festival - the Newport Street Banner April 2016

An early start this morning, to avoid holding up the traffic, saw members Terry & Ruth Otter and Steve Heise, going up in the world courtesy of Trustee John Freeman and his Cherry-Picker, to put the Newport street banner up. This advertises the forthcoming Norbury Canal Festival on 30 April to 2 May. [Picture by Bernie Jones]

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Newport Work Party at Tickehouse Lock April 2016

Despite the rain Dave Cant, Phil Jones and Ruth & Terry Otter turned out and did a great job at the Newport Work Party at Tickethouse Lock on 2nd April. 

The photos (by Terry Otter)  show Phil clearing the grass from the capping stones, the four volunteers, and the base of the lock keeper’s shed emerging from the nettles and brambles.

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Shewsbury Work Party 5th December 2015

Having a well deserved tea break at Lesley Owen Way 5th December after more great progress made.

Picture by Paul Hancox

Lesley Owen Way Lesley Owen Way



















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Clearing the Guillotine Locks at Hadley November 2015

On Saturday 14th November 2015, 21 volunteers from the Trust turned out to start clearing the vegetation from around the guillotine locks at Hadley.  Volunteers came from all three support groups and it was great to meet members from the other areas.

Funding will shortly be available for these locks to be restored. This funding can only be spent on the restoration of these locks and surrounding canal. However it is hoped that although there is no intention to return this part of the system to navigation, the trust will benefit from their restoration and hopefully they will form part of a route through to Wappenshall.

The object of this work party was to clear as much of the vegetation from the lock gates, and structures as we can. This is to enable us to clearly see what work & materials will be required as we plan the restoration of these important structures. These are listed structures and possibly very fragile and we will be monitored by the conservation officer as work progresses.

When we arrived you could hardly see Hadley lock for ivy but we managed to clear all this off the structure and the surrounding brick work and walls of the lock. 

Guillotine Lock Hadley before clearingGuillotine lock Hadley after clearing

In the afternoon we managed to take down one of the big trees whose roots are in the lock brickwork but, more importantly, discovered both the lock gate and paddle mechanisms at the top of the lock too. You can just make out the latter in the second shot above. A really good day's work completed by the 21 members who turned out - despite the weather turning wet and windy in the afternoon!

Some of the volunteers hard at work:

Clearing Guillotine Lock HadleyClearing Guillotine lock Hadley

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An Evening with Queen Elizabeth I Lesley Smith as Queen Elizabeth I

On the 16th October 2015, at Burton Borough School in Newport, we had a wonderful evening in the company of Lesley Smith performing as Queen Elizabeth I.

The cost of the tickets included a 2 course "school dinner".  Over 90 people attended and every one agreed it was a most enjoyable and entertaining evening and the money raised will go towards the Wappenshall Appeal.



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WRGs make more progress at Forton October 2015

The WRGies returned on 3 and 4 October to further the work at Forton. 
The splendid weather was the icing on the cake and enabled us to lay 
another 40m of Bentonite liner, as well as clear all the scrub from 
over the aqueduct. Some of the wing walls stonework under the skew 
bridge was also re-pointed. Grateful thanks go to Burton Borough School 
for the accommodation and to Hire!Freeman for organising the plant. 
See the full report in S&N News soon.

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Obituary - Fred Cooper

Sadly we have to report that Fred Cooper died on 2nd October 2015.

Fred was our main trip boat captain for many years, always popular with the
customers. He also taught dry stone walling for the National Trust at Ilam and
his knowledge of lime mortar was invaluable when we came to repair Meretown
Bridge. He was an enthusiastic supporter of the SNCT

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Wappenshall Open Day September 2015

Wappenshall Open Day on 13th September 2015 was a resounding success thanks to all the volunteers who helped to get it together and made donations (eg the bouncy castle hire, kindly donated by David Coleman) and Sherrel Fikeis for allowing us to use her garden.   Also grateful thanks to Mark Waugh and his staff at Bebold who organised the publicity which generated a great deal of interest.  Over 200 people went on the guided tours and in the marquee in the garden of Bridge House the refreshments and merchandise sales all helped to earn a very respectable sum for SNCT.

Wappenshall Open Day 2015

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Newport Work Party 5th September 2015

The photos below were taken by member John Williamson, at last Saturday's work party (5th September 2015) at Meretown.

Hedgelaying Newport Sep 2015

Sam and John Myers taking the remaining ivy from the hedge we plan to lay this winter. The WRGies and some of our members took off all the ivy to head height, so it's now just the top section and overhanging branches that need removing beforehand.

Stonework Newport Sep 2015

The Meretown lock wing walls that the WRGies re-mortared, after having a giant "lego puzzle" to work out with the many stones we unearthed last year. It looks a lot neater now!

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WRG visit August 2015

Great Progress Made


The WRG Volunteers at Foreton            

The WRG Volunteers at Meretown

laying the betonite liner





Photos of liner being laid were taken by Jim Weir.






This is the press release sent out recently:

Major step towards restoring and re-watering the Newport canal

The Shrewsbury & Newport Canals Trust (SNCT) has spent the last year planning the restoration of the canal from Norbury Junction to Newport, their “Destination Newport” project. This has the active support of the Norbury to Newport CIC, Newport Town Council and the Inland Waterways Association.

Over the week of 22-29 August 2015 a group from the Waterway Recovery Group (WRG) got the project started with the first restoration of a length of the canal at Forton, just east of Newport, Shropshire. In six days, with the help of heavy plant, nineteen “WRGies” plus volunteers from the SNCT re-profiled a section of the canal and laid a Bentonite waterproof lining in preparation for the re-watering. The SNCT will continue this work over the winter and the WRG are planning further weekend work camps to support this. It is planned to re-water the 100m length, between Forton Skew Bridge and Forton Aqueduct, early in 2016

The WRG and SNCT volunteers went through a rapid learning curve to find the best way to excavate the correct profile and re-construct the towpath using 3 tonne and 5 tonne diggers, then how to safely and accurately handle, unroll and cut the 1 tonne rolls of Bentonite and correctly join them. The first couple of lengths took quite a long time to lay and join but work progressed faster as the team gained experience and we now expect that the rest of the section can be completed in a couple of dedicated weekends.

This is the first actual work done to restore the bed of the canal since it was officially abandoned in 1944 and mostly sold off to local landowners in the 1960’s. Fortunately this 100m length is still owned by the Canal & River Trust, who gave their blessing and support to the project. The Inland Waterways Association donated the Bentonite. When this section is complete the SNCT plan to move on to work on other sections, which can then be gradually joined up to make “Destination Newport” a reality.


The new Meretown Bridge, designed by John Heather and installed by WRG power.


New footbridge at Newport

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Ticket House Lock Garden Event August 2015

Members Terry and Ruth Otter kindly opened up their property and garden at Tickethhouse Lock on the Newport canal to serve tea and cake to prospective new members on 8th August.

Ruth, Elaine Evans and Anne Jones baked a lot of lovely homemade cakes and the Trust tea urn was pressed into service. The day went very well and we raised over £100 in donations and sales of Akan Reade's pictures and cards. We also recruited several new members.

All in all a very successful day. I'm sure we will be back to Terry & Ruth's for work parties in the autumn!

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With great sadness we announce the passing of Eric Cox

Eric Cox, a member of the Trust for over 12 years and a Trustee for almost 10, sadly passed away on 28 July. He had a heart condition for over 15 years that did not stop him tirelessly pushing the Trust's plans forward, particularly at Wappenshall, which became his passion. An ex Mayor of Broseley, with more contacts than the rest of the Trustees put together, he will be greatly missed. 

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WRGs "Recce" Visit July 2015

WRG "recce" visit


Saturday 4th July saw our WRG Team Leader, his deputy and cook make their "RECCE visit" in readiness for their week's camp on 22-29 August. We took them to Meretown lock, then Forton skew bridge and aqueduct (see photo - from L to R is Nigel (Leader), Colin (Deputy), Trustee John Heather, member Mike Mee, friend Natalie and last but not least, cook Anne). We then went to Norbury Village Hall, which will be their accommodation for the week, courtesy of Andrea Evans and the Village Hall Committee, for which we are extremely grateful. All went well so we are set for a great week (22nd - 29th August 2015). Please do come out and lend a hand, or come to Norbury Village Hall in the evenings for some social events. If you can't help with the work, please bring cake - WRGies love cake!

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This year's Dinghy Dawdle and litter pick event at Newport on Sunday 21st June, involved six boats with crew gathering litter from the canal.  A host of other volunteers were on the banks to collect the litter and a lot of pictures, kindly supplied by Richard Knisely-Marpole, are available to see on his website:  Dinghy Dawdle 2015

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Norbury Canal Festival May 2015

Another successful Festival - despite the weather

After two years of fantastic weather, the 2015 Norbury Canal Festival started on a cold, wet Saturday 2 May. Sunday too started wet, but brightened up over lunchtime. However, Bank Holiday Monday was warm and dry.

Visitor numbers were understandably down on the two previous years, but I'm sure that we have not lost money. This was largely down to those Trust members that turned out to help. Many thanks to you all!

This is a short video of the festival shot by Martin Lansley of Adelie Media


Looking north from the road bridge at Norbury Junction

Looking North on Monday 4th May 2015


Malcolm and Stephanie Grey-Smart, who bring their boat to the festival every year.

Barn owl

One of the many attractions to be seen at the festival

The Boaters Dinner

The boaters dinner at the Junction Inn on Friday evening - a record 51 attended

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SNCT Wins Gold Award

Bernie Jones is seen here receiving the Environment Category, Mayor's Gold Award from the Mayor of Shrewbury, Beverley Baker, on the 22 April 2015.  This was for work done by the Shrewsbury Work Parties.  Although Bernie was asked to collect this award he says "the award really is for Andy and Stuart Dady and all the folk who do such a great job at the Shrewsbury work Parties."

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Shropshire Star Cash for your Community Result 2015

Chairman, Bernie Jones, was delighted to hear that the efforts of members who collected tokens for the Shropshire Star's "Cash for Communities" netted £366.37 towards the Wappenshall project. Many Thanks to everyone who made the effort to help.

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New Information Board Erected at Shrewsbury

A new information panel has been installed on the Sundorne Road section of the canal in Shrewsbury at Lesley Owen Way. After some fantastic work by the Shrewsbury work parties over the months, the canal is now very visible for approximately 300 metres. Now that this panel has been installed there it will help to spread the word amongst the hundreds of people that use the towpath for walking and cycling that the restoration is underway! Many thanks go to Andy and Stuart Dady and the Shrewsbury team. 





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Canal Clearing at Newport

Mark Waugh of Be Bold Media Ltd was cycling along the towpath at Newport one day last week when he spotted these delightful little boats clearing reeds and vegetation from the canal.  Mark has kindly allowed us to share his video clip with you.  Look out for the little dog on the boat in the last few frames.  Be Bold Media Limited is a corporate member of the SNCT and do a lot to help us with publicising our events.


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On Thursday 20th November 50 to 60 people had the unique experience of being at the first performance out of North America of the award winning Canadian singer/songwriter Reid Jamieson at the Junction Inn, Norbury. It was a truly amazing evening by this talented artist and his vivacious wife and manager Carolyn Victoria Mill, also a songwriter and singer, who performed wonderful harmonies with fantastic voice control. Amongst other awards Reid has won was the John Lennon Songwriting contest and he appears regularly on the Vinyl Café radio program in Canada. Many of the songs were written by this talented couple and were from his latest CD ‘Juniper’s Kitchen’ but, as Reid is an avid fan of the Beatles, he sang some of their hits along with other well-known artists songs such as Elvis, Roy Orbison, Neil Diamond, the Everly Brothers and Simon & Garfunkel. The evening ended with ‘In Dreams, ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Let it be me’.

The evening was organised by member Sean McDougall who has known of this performer for many years and admired his music. Reid contacted Sean to say he was coming to the UK and would like to do some gigs, so it’s many thanks to Sean for making it possible. It was a charity event and donations were charmingly collected in the interval by his lovely 5 year-old daughter Taisie. The monies will be shared by the Air Ambulance and the SNCT. As always at the Junction, owner Ali made everyone welcome and Callum did all the high tech sound system ‘stuff’ without a hitch! Thanks to everyone for their hard work.

This was Reid’s first performance out of only 4 on his inaugural UK tour before returning to his home in Vancouver.

Anyone interested can get more info and listen to this wonderful music at

Cindy Jones

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Wappenshall Work Party, November 2014

The Mudlarks!

Or how NOT to stay clean.

On a fairly mild day, there was a very good turn-out to this work party and four regulars were very keen to get on with de-watering the section under the Transhipment Warehouse - especially Phil Jones, who confessed to being really excited about it. This was largely because he had been part of two previous failed attempts to use a pump to get the water out. This time though, Phil, Jim and Marion Weir and Trustee Alan Harding set about digging a trench through the western end bund. This went well, until it was realised that the level of the ground beyond the bund and towards the canal, was actually higher than the level of the water under the building. This then necessitated digging the trench right down to the canal itself. To say this was a bit of a muddy exercise, would be a complete understatement! The photograph tells it all. Many thanks to them for a job well done though. Hope you got the mud out of your hair Marion!

Sam and John Myers, plus Alan Boney managed to dig out all the tree saplings that had self-seeded themselves in to the spoil heaps too. John, having brought his fire lighting kit, got the very damp cuttings to eventually burn and the whole lot looks much neater now, thanks to Sam's efforts in clearing the dying scrub.

Sallie Lines and Roger, plus some help from David Coleman (who managed to fit in a lunch break and return!) undertook the thankless task of sorting out the gazebos. We now have 4 good ones ready to use (but the Wappenshall ghost seems to have hidden some of the upright poles' feet agian!) The whole crew were kept well lubricated by Elaine Evans who had the boiler on most of the day making tea and coffee for everyone.

Phil Jones even managed to mow the grass beside the Romney Building after getting covered in mud and having to be pulled out of it at least once!

Many thanks to everyone for coming and for all the work done.


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Wappenshall Work Party, October 2014

The regular monthly work party on the 3rd Saturday in the month at Wappenshall, saw a good turn out on 18th October (most of the "team" are in the picture below). All 250 quarry tiles were "hand-balled" into storage in the Trans-shipment Warehouse and put onto pallets usefully supplied by Sallie and Roger. This will ensure that they do not get frost damaged. The other big job that was completed was the clearance of scrub from the lower apron and wash wall of the canal, where it has been sliding downhill for a couple of years (see picture below after everyone did their bit!). This will enable the Severn Trent engineers to inspect the damage that has probably been caused by the storm interceptor they own, scouring the soil from underneath the wash wall.

Thanks also go to Phil Jones, who not only worked tirelessly on the above mentioned scrub clearance, but he also mowed most of the rest of the grass on the wharf, although David Coleman also used the mower he donated to the Trust to do some of this too, before having to leave to ring church bells.

We also tried to make one good larger trailer out of the two we have, by swapping wheels over - only to find that the wheel stud pitches were different sizes! Another annoying cock-up and waste of my time was loading my car with scrap metal and taking it to the scrap merchant - only to find that they were closed! So I had to unload it all again. I could have said some very naughty words after that!!

Anyway, a worthwhile day was had by all of us, that was only marred by Sam Myers trying to adjust the metal bar at the top of the steps from the apron with her head! 

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Whitchurch Boat Rally, September 2014

Whitchurch was very successful for us and a great weekend, we enjoyed ourselves. We had help on the stand from Ray & Gwyneth Buss, James Gollins on the Saturday and Ken Benbow on the Sunday. Being a boat festival, there were lots of people there who were interested in our progress and quite a few members dropped by the stand"

(John Myers)

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Summer Sale at Wappenshall, September 2014

In the Marquee
Sunday 14th September 2014
A big well done and thank-you to everyone who organised the event, volunteered over the weekend, and baked cakes. From an idea mooted last year at the TSG meeting we ended up with a successful and enjoyable event that, while led by the TSG was supported by trustees and members from all over the trust.
Very special thanks go to Sherryl Fikeis who kindly allowed us to use her lovely garden at Bridge House, and provided a delicious home-made curry for those who set the site up on the Saturday. Volunteers enjoying a curry kindly provided by Sherryl Fikeis
Thanks also go to Sallie Lines who coordinated the tabletop vendors and arranged the advertising, John Stevens who created all the signage for us, and Ralf and Roger who managed the car parking throughout the day. We had eleven vendors on the day, more than any previous tabletop sale at Wappenshall, and provided tours around the Wharf to well over 60 people and as usual the wharf, the canal, and our plans for the future proved fascinating. The cream teas were especially popular and I am sure we will be serving some at future Trust events.
The Trust raised well over £300 at this event.
(Written by Alan Harding who was instrumental in arranging it all)
Marquee picture by John Stevens, Curry picture by Jim Weir

IWA Shrewsbury District & N Wales Branch - Lock Wind 2-3 August at Hurleston bottom lock

SNCT showed willing at the above event when a couple of our members turned up to help and brought some books as SNCT's contribution to the book and produce stall.

Business was brisk first thing then slowed as the rain came down in torrents. Once the rain cleared away a lot more boats started to come through. With several volunteers we were able at times to assist boaters through all the locks although the main emphasis was on the bottom lock where the IWA gazebo was pitched and where they sold books, home made jams and delicious home made cakes.

It was a grand effort by the IWA volunteers who were raising money to support canal restoration efforts in the branch area, notably on the Montgomery and Shrewsbury & Newport canals.

It was very well worth doing and as one SNCT member put it, it was great to be able to play with a real canal for a change with actual water and locks and everything

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2014 Shows


As summer comes round each year we dust off the display boards, check the gazebo and prepare for the summer round of fetes and festivals where we can talk to the public about restoring the Shrewsbury and Newport canals and, hopefully, swell our membership. The SNCT tends to concentrate on events at villages and towns along the line of our canals and this year we are attending more than ever before.





The season started early as the Shrewsbury Support Group decided to experiment with a display at the Darwin Shopping Centre in Shrewsbury. This was judged to be so successful that they repeated the exercise in July.

Our loaned narrowboat display, Jusfashow, has again proved her worth in attracting people wherever she goes. Children in particular seem to want to climb all over her (whilst their parents chat about the trust!). So far this year she has helped us at both the Lions Fun Day and the River Festival in Shrewsbury, taken part in the Newport Carnival and been a major attraction at the Lions Wheels Day in Wellington.

At the Lions Fun Day Derek Hillaby was interviewed by BBC Radio Shropshire and the Mayor of Shrewsbury Councillor Beverley Baker came on board Jusfashow to discuss our restoration plans.

During the Shrewsbury River Festival she was again prominently displayed and everyone seemed to want to come aboard.

She took pride of place at Newport Carnival where, for the second year running, she was awarded first place in the charity floats. She appeared at the Lions Wheels event in Wellington by invitation from the organisers and we were really pleased to attend this event as it is so close to Wappenshall and we need to expand our membership in this area.


Among the local village fetes where we took space were the Withington Church Fete in June, the Sundorne Fun Day also in June and the Upton Magna Fete in July.

These sorts of events let us connect with the villagers and landowners who live along the line of the canal. We can explore their views on the canals, keep them informed of our progress and latest plans and generally build relationships with these important stakeholders.



And then there was Jusfashow at the Flaxmill Open Weekend in Shrewsbury on 13/14th September

Jusfashow at the Flax Mill

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WRG Week at Newport August 2014


The WRG volunteers did a fantastic job at Newport in August this year. 


This is the team, led by Bob Crow (2nd from right)


This is the scene on the first morning .....

..... and this is how it looked at the end of the week.  Impressive!


Click to read a newscutting about the event from the Newport Advertiser

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This was taken today 22 January and is of our valiant member Mike Jones who managed to help ex-Mayor Cllr Tim Nelson, make some progress with the restoration of our canals. This is Town Lock, Newport, that once again needed clearing of vegetation. However, this time some of the ugly gravel, in which the weeds get a hold, was also removed to enable the lock to look more like it did when it was in use. This is the first step in bigger plans to restore the appearance of the lock - in the near future!
Bernie Jones