Can any members help out Mike and Gill Dutton, members of the team who look after the horse-drawn boat, Countess, based at Maesbury?

This does an important job introducing visitors to the canal. They learn about the history of canals demonstrated by the boats horse drawn nature of the trip. They also find out about the restoration of this branch of the Shropshire Union.


Mike and Gill need help to continue this useful work. A minimum of four crew are need on each trip. Mostly 1 hour duration.

1. The horse driver, controls the horse and tow rope from the bank. (Some experience of horses needed.)

2. Driver’s helper, at times hold the horse , help with rope over moored boats, winding etc. Chance to learn about horses.

3. Steerer – only a little different from steering a motor boat. Observation important , no brakes!

4. Cabin crew. Help and inform and amuse passengers. May need to lift tow rope over moored boats from on board .

This is where Mike and Gill have chance to talk about...Shrewsbury, Montgomery Canals etc. They often share this job with the steerer.

When no trips are running they all get involved in looking after the horse, harness and the boat. They also do canal maintenance cutting overhanging branches etc from the boat.

Their team of volunteers at the moment numbers only 4! who are not always available hence this plea.

So come on you canal enthusiasts join them's useful fun!

Contact: Mike and Gill Dutton